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Your donations help nourish young students as they complete their studies


Due to the recent religious riots in northern Nigeria, widows and their children who have lived in the North all their lives are moving south. Edo state is the border state that separates northern Nigeria from southern Nigeria. Secured Hands International will also provide nutritional food to these displaced widows and children who settle in these rural/urban areas of the state.

Other individuals Secured Hands International will focus on are all students that suffer malnutrition base on available resources. Many students are unable to complete school because of lack of nutritional food, especially during the examination periods. Hunger has forced many students to dropout of schools and turn to crime. In the last 10 years crime rates have increased tremendously in Nigeria.

Many of these crimes are committed by dropout students who were unable to complete school because of lack of support and proper nutrition.

What Makes Us Different?

The Director/President of Secured Hands International, Engineer Osaze O. Ehigiator had first had experience in this, having lost father at a young age. He was fortunate to survive this terrible ordeal. Osaze O. Ehigiator, recently authored a book “The Thrill of a Rookie” to expand on this terrible ordeal.

Because of his experience, Osaze O. Ehigiator decided to go all out to make a difference in the lives of several individuals.

Our Process

Provision of Food -Distribution:
Secured Hands International will purchase nutritional foods, such as rice, beans, oats, spices, and other nutritional foods for distribution to the local community to these groups mentioned on first come first serve basis. Widows and orphans get priority treatment as category A.

Poor and hungry students will be category B base on availability of food for distribution.

Provision of Food-Catering and Soup Kitchen

Not everyone can utilize raw food items because not everyone can cook or have access to cooking facilities.
Secured Hands International liaises with licensed and registered food caterers and has them provide food for selected individuals especially orphans on daily basis.

Secured Hands International will supply raw food to these caterers to cook for these individuals.

To Further Elimination Malnutrition

Secured Hands International will also provide training in various trades such as barbering, hairstyling, catering, tailoring through volunteers who are already in this field.
Once these individuals are self-sufficient, they can then afford nutritional foods for themselves.

We are a registered Non-Profit organization with a Tax Exempt number. All contributions will be tax deductible. Your contribution will be receipted.

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